Dry Shampoo

In this busy world, sometimes finding time (or a shower!) to wash and dry your hair isn’t always possible. Dry shampoo is a real game-changer in the beauty industry and fast becoming one of the most popular go-to hair products. It is quite simply a can of fresh hair!

Available in a spray, powder or mousse, dry shampoo works by absorbing the greasy looking oil from your hair and leaving it fresh, dry and volumised. Alternating your regular wet hair washing with dry shampoo can actually be beneficial as dry shampoo doesn’t dry out your scalp like regular wet shampoo can. It’s also fab for people on the go, camping trips, after the gym or giving your hair a fresh boost before a night out.

The key ingredients in dry shampoo are absorbents, conditioners and essential oils, ensuring your hair is left clean, healthy, nourished and beautiful.

How do you use it?

Dry shampoo in available in several forms including powder, aerosol spray and mousse. The type of dry shampoo you use is down to personal preference and what suits your lifestyle.

To apply dry shampoo, first remove any hair ties, pins and clips and ensure your hair is brushed or combed and tangle free.

Next, apply the dry shampoo to your scalp according to the products instructions. Focus on oil-prone areas such as your part, bangs and hairline. Ensure you lift sections of hair to get the layers underneath, distributing the product with the tips of your fingers. Leave the dry shampoo in for a couple of minutes to absorb as much oil from your hair as possible.

Using your fingers brush out any excess powder or residue, you may like to use a towel to give your head a good rub.

Style your hair like normal.