About Product Reviews

We love hearing what our customers think about the product they purchase from us, and regularly ask for feedback.

Review Moderation

We moderate all reviews to ensure they add value, don’t contain offensive language and are written by customers who have actually purchased the product from us.

If a review meets these criteria then it get’s published, regardless of whether it is positive, negative or somewhere in them middle. We want to ensure product reviews provide an honest collection of opinions about a product so you can make an informed buying decision.

Do we have the ability to selectively publish reviews? Yes. Do we? Definitely not. We pride ourselves on being an honest, open and ethical company; we don’t need to be shady with reviews – we let our products (and customers) do the talking 🙂

Why do you have so many positive reviews, and not many negative?

We have the opportunity to stock thousands of products, but we don’t. We hand pick only the best best products which in most cases we also use ourselves. Naturally, excellent products garner mostly positive reviews.

Any products where there have been consistently negative reviews posted are quickly culled from our range; we don’t sell products which don’t do what they say.